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The owner of this website, Carlos Morales, contacted my husband, and befriended him, via various social networking websites, claiming to have several interests, mainly computers, in common.He made sure to let my husband know he was *** after my husband posted a banner on his myspace page about supporting GLBT marriage rights.

My husband is straight, but I am bisexual, so he did this for me and my friends. Anyway, Carlos, the owner of, started making subtle advances towards my husband, which my husband chose to ignore, just taking them as friendly gestures. And then last October, my husband, a computer technician and networking engineer, was finally able to publish a website about his knowledge and skills, an effort to market himself to potential clients. Carlos immediately contacted my husband via Facebook message, asking if he could speak with him on the phone.

Once on the phone, Carlos offered my husband a job with his company, Gulf Techs, Inc. He told my husband that he had tons of work that he needed my husband's help with and he would compensate my husband handsomely. A contract was signed and Carlos told my husband that he would ship some computers for my husband to begin work on. Now I'm not going to give a day-by-day account, but suffice it to say, the computers never made it to my husband, nor did any money that Carlos promised my husband for work he did on a few websites that Carlos asked him to do.

All in all, by Christmas, Carlos owed my husband $7500 for work done. He also owed my husband $7500 for an initial deposit from a client to build 10 new computers with amazing specs. This was to be the first batch of computers built for this client with the total coming to over 300 computers. This would have made my husband an easy $200,000.

But all of this ended up being nothing but lies that Carlos told my husband. Carlos also told my husband that for a Christmas gift, he would buy my husband a plane ticket to New York City to visit his daughter. None of this happened. We had depended on Carlos' word that the money would come in, but we were living on credit cards.

And then Carlos offered me a job as executive admin assistant. I could work from home with my husband making an additional $600 per week and my husband would be promoted to business partner. Now, I'm disabled, so working from home would have been so perfect for me. I already had a home office with all the necessary functionality of a business office, so it was truly perfect.

Not to mention, the money was fantastic. But again, these were lies that Carlos fed us. He worked like a fake fortune teller/psychic. They talk to you to find out things about your life, without you even realizing what they're doing, then they just repeat it back to you in a different manner so that you think they really are spiritually intuitive.

That's what Carlos did. He found out our dreams and wishes and told us lies based on those dreams and wishes. He never truly had a job for us to do.

We planned alot of things around his lies, things that would have made our value of life raise and because they were nothing but lies, the disappointment we're feeling is overwhelming.Above everything, just do not believe this man.

Carlos A. Morales of Gulf Techs is a scam artist.

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Update by user Mar 12, 2012

I am now speaking with the staff and the owner of Gulf Techs, Inc, Carlos A. Morales and we are in the process of negotiating everything, fixing things, moving on and even working together again. Since we began speaking again, he\'s been nothing but respectful and courteous to me in being willing to resolve things.

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DO NOT deal with Carlos A. Morales, Webmaster and owner of Gulf Techs in Port Charlotte, Fl. He is very dishonest and will promise things he cannot/will not deliver.

Mr. Carlos A. Morales became friends with me approximately five years ago on various social sites, mainly myspace, and eventually, Facebook and Twitter. One day when he saw my Computer Services and Information Site (, he contacted me via cell phone and offered me a job working from my home/office because of my extensive knowledge in the computer field. He sent me a contract and everything, which I possess copies of. However, after this, he offered me more money than what the contract stated. He made these offers via conversations, texts, and emails, all of which I am ready and able to validate. He even went as far as offering me part of the business in a 60/40 partnership, him being the higher number.

Mr. Morales was supposed to send me five computer packages to be fixed (all of which I have invoices for). I even purchased some parts on my own, trusting that he'd pay me as promised. However, I never received ANY of those packages to this day. His excuses ranged from him writing the wrong address on the envelope, his assistant(s) routing the packages incorrectly, the packages were being "held" by UPS and FedEx, and his reasoning for the last was that those delivery companies were incompetent. But let's get real... Those companies RARELY have even gotten things to me late, let alone them not coming to me at all.

He also hasn't paid me NOT A DOLLAR for all of the work I did for him, such as Website work, software, helping him solve problems with clients' computers, and things of that nature. Toward the end of October of 2011, I was supposed to receive a $2400 down payment for that job and the other $2400 when the job was finished. I was also supposed to receive $300 for working on his business site. So at that point, the balance was $2700 and he (and his "assistant" Dana Brumeley) said, via conversations, emails, and texts, that I'd receive that through Paypal. But after several weeks of not acquiring those funds, I was told that Paypal wouldn't do the business transaction without Tax ID numbers and things of that nature, all of which, for some reason, he didn't possess. At this point, Mr. Morales told me that he'd deposit $3800 into my bank account because of the inconvenience he caused me. I then gave him my account information. (which I feel is what he scammed me out of) Everyday when I checked my account, it was the same story... NOTHING. It got to the point where he owed me $7600 for work, contracts, advances for parts, etc. I have specific emails, which can be verified on the Server's side (as unaltered), that stated he would deposit this money into my account.

Mr. Morales also offered me a client from a payroll company that supposedly needed 300+ computers from scratch. I designed a business proposal for the client, faxed/emailed it to Mr. Morales, and was told the client loved my offer and accepted the proposal. The proposal stated that I would do ten computers at a time (weekly) and require half of the deposit up front which was $7,500. I would then purchase the necessary parts, build and configure the machines, and send them to Mr. Morales, who would have then physically driven them to the client and hooked up the wires physically to the computers. At this point, I'd require the other $7500 from the client for the finished bundle of ten and then require the deposit for the next bundle of ten, which would have totaled $15,000. Not a bad price at all, considering what other companies would charge AT LEAST 25K - 30K for the AMAZING specifications these machines would have been built with. Mr. Morales also told me, via email (verifiable), that he DID receive the money from that client and would wire it to me directly. But the problem is I never received that money either!

I had to "keep on top" of him everyday for this money and it was excuse after excuse. It would always be, "Midnight tonight or tomorrow at 3PM" the funds would clear. Those were his famous times to say. He told me his ex boyfriend tried to steal his identity and that's why none of the business "deposits" would go through. He even went as far as saying that the BANK TELLER took off with his money. hahaha! There were also other excuses, such as assets being repeatedly frozen, banks being "incompetent", the FBI and NASA having him under investigation and freezing his monies, close ones dying, etc. He even told me someone put a Witchcraft Curse on him!!

I am making this new complaint, because instead of Mr. Morales acknowledging the old one and making it better, he's adding Websites to the Google index, with relevant keywords, in order to "push down" the complaint off of page one. Good business owners would never do this. A good business owner would admit they were wrong and try to resolve the situation.

Mr. Morales told me there was NO DOUBT in his mind that he wanted me as a business partner and all these money situations would be straightened out. He never paid me anything, NOT EVEN the client's deposit for the computers, which was supposed to go directly to me. When I tried to contact him concerning this matter, he blocked and deleted me off of the original social sites I knew him from, and EVEN off of his phone so I'd have NO means of contacting him regarding this matter.

I know Mr. Morales was an abuser of Cocaine, and may God forgive me for putting it like this, but that deposit may have went "right up his nose". And if that's the case, I DO hope he gets help and gets better, as I am not a hateful person and I've been there myself during my younger years. However, I STRONGLY dislike dishonesty. It's either that or he never had the so successful business he spoke about. The third case is that he DOES have it and just decided to screw me because I wasn't very receptive to his sexual advances towards me. If the third possibility is correct, I will see to it that he is "uncovered" and is NEVER able to do this to another human being. Although, whatever the case is, honesty is always better than avoidance.

All in all, Mr. Carlos A. Morales and Gulf Techs owe me $7600 (business) + $7500 (client for 300+ computers) = $15,100. However, the last "deposit" he said he made (that of course never came through) was for $14,900 (documented). So I'll take the $200 loss and stick with that number for consistency, since the number "14,900" was stated in my last complaint.

Mr. Morales is also the leader of a Christian Youth Group in Port Charlotte, Florida named Youth4Christ . How dare he pretend he is a good role model for children and be such a liar and a cheat at the same time?

If you have any questions regarding this, visit my site listed above and click the "Contact" tab to email me. I will answer everything honestly, because I'm just beginning my business, I base everything on honesty, and I like having good will and mutual respect with good people. I also have proof of EVERYTHING stated above.

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